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Currently residing in the lovely city of Melbourne, renowned for its unpredictable weather and highly rated liveability (ironic, really), I am a busy university student who can usually be found juggling several extracurricular projects at the same time, all the while struggling to squeeze in time to read and review all the up and coming new adult and contemporary romance novels.

Whether it is reading while on-the-go by making good use of my Kindle during the peak hour public transport trips, or getting comfy on the couch on a lazy Saturday afternoon to indulge in the latest novel, reading magically brings a sense of joy and reassurance to my otherwise chaotic life. Romance novels are the ultimate feel-good medicine, while new adult novels may be relevant and relatable in some aspects of our lives.

In addition to my love of books, I also enjoy painting, creating music, travelling and cycling. These are activities that ease the stresses of everyday life, which for me at the moment involves intense studying (especially around exam time), a busy part-time job and occasional volunteering roles.

I look forward to introducing new and exciting novels through the reviews on The Secret Book Lover.

Scarlette xx

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